As expert bathroom remodeling contractors, Brooklyn Bathroom Renovation knows how to handle a small bathroom renovation. Whatever the size of your room, there’s no reason that a small bathroom renovation can’t create as luxurious space as with a roomier bathroom renovation. A Brooklyn small bathroom remodel can give you exactly what you want. We can even accomplish a small bathroom renovation on a budget. You’ll be amazed at your small bathroom renovation before and after we complete our work.

A half bath or powder room usually consists of only a toilet and a sink, so the renovation is not a big job, and the small bathroom remodels cost can generally be kept low. That’s because it’s a small space, with only the two fixtures to consider, and they’re likely isn’t much need for small bathroom cabinets or other unique small bathroom ideas.

A full bathroom includes all fixtures, usually a full bathtub, as well as a toilet and sink or full vanity. A full bathroom can be used every day, particularly if it’s considered the master bathroom; it can also be used only sporadically if it’s a guest bathroom. So decisions about renovating this space may depend on its usage. Either way, you want to be sure you choose a high-quality small bathroom renovation contractor to handle your job.

Your master bathroom, which is most often the one used by the owner of the home on a daily basis, is an important room in the home. You’ll want to be sure you opt for durability in the fixtures, including small bathroom cabinets, and you’ll want some small bathroom ideas that will maximize the space.

Depending on the size of the room and how often it’s used, you can make a decision to remove a tub, for instance, and install a shower to open the space. Even in the case of a guest bathroom, using the space to full advantage will be important.

A Brooklyn small bathroom remodel and the decisions about the room can also be impacted by the family that lives in the home. If you have small children, for instance, you may want to keep the tub, but install a low-profile tub to make it easier to get the kids in and out, with the added benefit of making the room seem bigger.

If your family includes elderly or disabled persons, or you’re planning to retire in the home, you may want to include grab bars, lower counters, higher toilets, and special no-slip flooring. That’s true whether it’s a small bathroom renovation or a larger space that’s being considered for remodeling. In a small bathroom, a tub could be replaced by a walk-in shower with a built-in seat.

If your small bathroom will only be used sporadically, you may be able to accomplish quite a bit with a small bathroom renovation on a budget. Perhaps you don’t need as much storage space, for instance, or a full tub in a guest bathroom.

There’s a lot to consider that can impact a small bathroom remodel cost. Whatever decisions are made, you want to ensure it’s done properly. Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros can help you accomplish your goals in your Brooklyn small bathroom remodel.


When it comes to bathroom renovation, small bathrooms can pose some unique challenges.

But when you choose the best bathroom remodeling contractor in Brooklyn, it can also mean you get unique small bathroom renovating ideas, and you get a small bathroom remodel done on a budget.

At Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros, we have years of expertise with bathroom renovation jobs of every size. That includes small bathrooms.


1. Select a sink and vanity that saves space. That includes a corner sink, a great space saver that can include storage below. Or, a new trend is a trough sink, a long and narrow sink that’s mounted directly on the wall. That frees up space in front of the sink, and also creates space below for storage. A truly unique idea is to mount the faucet directly on the wall, which can allow for a smaller vanity and save valuable floor space. Other ideas are wall-mounted vanities, and vanities with rounded corners; sharp corners are particularly hazardous in a small space. 2. Remove a full tub and install a shower instead. A corner shower can really free up the room. For older people, or those planning to retire in the home, a walk-in shower opens the room and makes for a safer entry and exit from the shower as well. If you want to keep the tub, a low-profile bathtub opens the space 3. In a shower, opt for a shower curtain or a glass sliding door rather than hinged doors or a closed door. That means you can have the door open when it’s not in use, creating an open feeling. Or, think about a window in the shower.

4. Maximize the space you have. Add a towel bar on the shower door to increase storage and allow towels to dry properly. Install hooks on the back of the door or on open wall space.

5. Add storage over and around a toilet. In the vanity is next to the toilet, you can extend the counter right over the toilet. Or, build a cabinet over the toilet to add space for toiletries, paper products, and more. If you have a tub, build in some cabinets or shelving on the wall, at the end opposite the shower fixtures. This makes use of all the wall space available.

6. Choose décor that opens the space, like large tiles and bright paint choices. Add mirrors, which create the illusion of extra space. Extra mirrors also allow more than one person to get ready in the bathroom at the same time.

7. Eliminate doors if possible. That can mean open vanities and open shelving, which gets rid of the space needed for doors to swing open. It can also mean a pocket door, which eliminates the space needed for a door to swing into the bathroom.

Or make your bathroom suit the décor of the rest of your home, using grey hexagon tiles in the shower and other touches in design to re-create a farmhouse bathroom that matches the style of the house.

Textured tile is another option, with “fish scale” looking tile becoming popular for flooring, or textured stone for the wall behind a tub.

In a small bathroom, we provide special expertise to open the room up, making it look spacious, clean, and minimalist. That’s accomplished in a variety of ways, from clean tile lines to large tiles with few grout lines, to bright or white color selections.

Even traditional and simple wall tile decor ideas, like combining black and white, can bring out the best in a room. Black and white remain the classic look; it will add simplicity and refinement and can be used in any size of the room.

And you don’t have to wait for an entire make-over to look closely at your tile. Our Brooklyn bathroom contractors can handle any tile replacement job, however big or small.

Quality bathroom contractors aren’t just about installation. Your renovation should be guided by a company that knows design and functionality as well as quality products and workmanship. Call us today to get your bathroom project going!