Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling is a licensed, insured, and family-owned business with over 20 years of experience. We do all types of remodels from small bathroom updates to full house renovations. Our goal is to make your home or office as comfortable as possible by providing the best service at the most competitive prices in Brooklyn NY. Call us today for a free estimate on your new bathroom remodeling Brooklyn project.
Bathroom Remodeling Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros is your top choice for any work you need to be done in your bathroom. As the top bathroom renovating contractor in Brooklyn, we can handle any job.
If you’re looking for a complete bathroom renovation, we have over 17 years of experience as bathroom remodeling contractors.
We’re experienced in small bathroom upgrade jobs, as experts in NYC  bathrooms redesigns, we know how to get the most out of a small space. Here’s a sample of our areas of expertise:



Complete Bathroom Renovation

We will work with you to design and renovate your bathroom, suited to your tastes and your budget.
That could mean redesigning the layout, switching a tub into a shower, or re-creating a bathroom to include a tub and tub surround.
How about switching your traditional tub for a low-profile tub? Or a clawfoot tub with a retro bathroom design? We can also build a walk-in shower, complete with bathroom wall tile. We can open up the space with a lower-profile tub.
We can also renovate your room with energy-efficient fixtures with a clean, modern design.

Bathroom Cabinets Installation

Don’t let bathroom cabinets be an after-thought in your planning. We are experts in bathroom cabinets installation in Brooklyn, and will ensure you get the quality – and quantity – of storage for your space.
Cabinets in the bathroom need to withstand moisture and heat and be strong enough to hold the weight of towels, small appliances, and toiletries.
They also need to be aesthetically pleasing and match with the décor of the room.
We’ll work with you to get the cabinets you want and the beauty to match the rest of the bathroom.

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling is a full-service bathroom remodeling company in Brooklyn, NY. We are experts at complete bathroom renovation including tile installation, shower tile installation, new bathroom cabinet installation, and fixtures. Whether you want to renovate or just update your bath for a fresh look, we can handle the job with ease. This is our project where we needed a bathroom cabinet installed for a client in Brooklyn. Project took place in August of 2021
Bathroom Cabinets Installation Brooklyn

Bathroom Wall Tile Installation

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling is a full-service bathroom remodeler. We specialize in complete bathroom renovations and smaller projects such as new vanities, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship at competitive prices while maintaining an excellent customer experience. All of our work includes complimentary consultations with licensed architects and designers for your personal design needs. In this picture, you see a bathroom tile installation in Brooklyn for our clients who got married a few months ago and made their first purchase. They decided to go with subway tile for their bathroom tile installation. Project too place in October of 2021
Bathroom Wall Tile Installation Brooklyn

We lead the way in bathroom wall tile installation in Brooklyn. The choices can seem endless, but we will work with you to get the design, color, and theme you want. We’ll also make sure to install it with our 17 years of expertise, giving you bathroom wall tile that will last.
Perhaps you want the minimalist look of white tile walls. Or, a unique color as a backsplash or feature wall. We can add dramatic color touches, with tile, contrasting grout colors, and accent paint colors.
Tile size is another defining feature. Large tiles can open a space and have fewer grout lines, making cleaning even easier. Subway tile is a popular and classic choice that can still be individualized to your tastes. Tile designs, textured tile, and finishes from matte to glossy…we will bring you unique and tasteful ideas to make your bathroom space your own.

Small Bathroom Remodel

As experienced bathroom remodeling contractors, we know how to handle small spaces. We’ll bring you fresh ideas to open your space, add storage if desired, and create a room you’ll love.
That could mean clean, modern, minimalist lines, with wall-mounted toilets and sleek sink fixtures. Or, remove a tub in favor of a rounded shower, opening the small room and making it seem larger. Mirrors, paint choices, bathroom wall tile, along with unique ideas for bathroom cabinets installation,  can all make your small bathroom become bigger.
Whatever your needs for bathroom renovation, and however big or small the job, call Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros to get the bathroom of your dreams today. Call us today and get your dream bathroom to remodel project started.

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling offers quality bathroom remodeling services in Brooklyn NY. We offer a wide range of services including bathroom tile work, flooring installation, small bathroom remodel, and much more. For the best service in Brooklyn, contact us today. In this picture, you see a bathroom wall tile installation in Brooklyn for our client. The project took place in September of 2021
Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling

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